Thursday, 25 October 2012

Social Security numbers issued

UIDAI or Aadhar platform had been started as a pilot scheme in the state of Rajasthan. In the last two years 210000000 numbers have been issued. Now these will be implemented for various social security schemes. 230000000 have been enrolled and are in the process of being issued. APL(above poverty line) families and BPL(below poverty line) households will be covered under this platform.Cash subsidies will be made instead of Public Distribution system(PDS). Pension for retired, for elderly and for disabled will be made via this number. Even the rural employment scheme(MGNREGA) will be disbursing the payment using this number. Aadhar platform will be used to transfer payments, for workforce(wages) and for scholarships through bank accounts. Mobile alerts will be sent too. But in rural India, there are no Banks, no ATMs as there is no electricity or Internet connectivity, then what? They will not be getting a number?
Making the identity card is complicated. Finger printing is done, irises(eyes) are scanned, and photos are taken to make the card. Poor workers have lost their fingerprints as they work hard with their hands. Many have damaged irises(eyes) and photogrphs can be manipulated. A mobile number is needed, but all may not have mobile phones. Some are given password and a mobile. Instances of false identity cards are rare, this is going to be the biggest biometric database ever made. PDS card is needed for Aadhar card. Bank account is needed. Not all persons have these, so new bank accounts will be opened.
The need for this scheme to become successful is urgently felt, as it can stop leakages. It can arrest corruption. The subsidy can really reach the people instead of being confiscated by the intermediaries. Moreover with this card, people of India can have an identity. And it can connect the government with its people.
Schemes like Annasree will be integrated with Aadhar platform. In the Annasree scheme 200000 families are provided Rs. 600 for food grains. Other subsidies will be linked too.
OK, if government gives away the national wealth so easily and systematically, its treasury will become empty fast. And then it would complain about fiscal deficit, inflation and economic crisis and so on. Even Lord Krishna was stopped by giving away  his wealth to Sudhama.And he was God whose wealth could not be depleted. What will happen when we have nothing to give away?Best thing that the government should do is to provide employment for its people. So that they can buy their food themselves. Now if people do not get their free money, they will revolt and that would become totally unmanageable.

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