Monday, 7 January 2013

New India emerging from old culture

The educated youth have awakened (with the cause of the victimised woman) to the realities of the Indian society. Comments by politicians and leaders on state of the Indian women has been exposed by the media. Some have proposed dress codes and separate public transport for women(in Puducherry). More these politicians talk, more they show their narrow mindsets.This is fanatic patriarchy trying to defend itself in the modern era. One leader tried to define "contract" between men and women and went on to define women's place (in home as servant of men) He is only a century behind modern thought. Many communities have tried to bring ban on use of mobile phone by women. All these reactions may take women's progress in the backward direction, limiting their social space. Cultural change is here and is happening as women get educated and work outside their homes. But if they show any modernity, they are reprimanded. So in the veil of tradition in the garb of subservience, women have to march towards future when they can get an identity. There is great deal of apprehension on the part of the traditional mindsets and power wielders (fathers and husbands) who want to keep women under their "control".On the pretext of protecting the women, dress codes are imposed. On the pretext of protecting their women, segregated busing system is imposed. Women do not need such protection, they need support for standing up and for moving on.
The issue of protection for women has cut across regional divisions(states), political ideologies, class consciousness and caste communities and brought them under the commonality---that is Indian women kind.  

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