Friday, 23 March 2018

Aadhar card or Unique Identity(UID) card

Originally Identification card was mandatory for NREGA(rural unemployment scheme) and PDS(Public Distribution System). Because leakages were found and the poor people could not get unemployment benefits or grains by distribution system..All citizens of India were forced to open bank accounts and the requisite was the Aadhar card which took the citizens iris patterns and finger prints. The reason given was that subsidies will be given to poor people for cooking gas and essential food grains when you show your Aadhar card. Then citizens were told to give these cards to open accounts. After that all had to give Aadhar card for bank accounts and   money transfers. Without supreme court orders citizens were forced to give details. Now Supreme court has said if you have given your personal data(iris pattern and fingerprints) you should have as it was not mandatory. Now already everyone has given their data and one cannot take it back. So YOU ARE TRAPPED  and cannot come out of it.
Its worse than Facebook or smartphone, this is the ultimate misuse of data

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