Monday, 18 March 2013

Education and Poverty

Instead of making huge schemes which give only immediate relief from poverty, we must think about making poverty disappear completely.There is attempt to erase open poverty by making social welfare schemes. Government has to spend its precious resources where it is urgently needed for proper growth of the society. We must immediately tackle failed institutions like schools of formal learning. Educated persons can get good jobs. And all parents try their very best to educate their children to the highest possible level. All believe that the path way to move out of poverty is through education. All parents send their children to school every day. Government had made a policy by which students up to class 8 cannot be failed or detained due to poor scores. ACER(to access impact of education) scores reveal that students who had studied up to class 8 could not do simple arithmetic or write a logical sentence. Government schools had failed in teaching the next generation which cannot get passed class 9 examinations due to lack of skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. This is because the government teachers have permanent jobs and they did not come to school regularly; they have never taught faithfully. Stricter norms by government were made so that student’s scores can be improved. Teachers had to keep scores of student in portfolios and registers for each term, so that improvements could be made. But students knew that they will not be failed or detained and did not study properly. Teachers had to spend more time in tabulating scores that in teaching. Learning outcome was nil. Parents who were illiterate or first generation literates cared a lot about this. When they had realised that their children were not learning in government schools, they switched them to private schools whose fees were exorbitant;or they got private ’tuition teachers’ for extra teaching their children. This was a big strain on the parents but they were willing to take it. They are so full of hope and they are aspiring for a better status for their children. By making weak educational institutions, government has failed its people. By knowing the need of the average persons, government can solve poverty and other evils in Indian society.  We can offer low-cost private education to the poor or good teachers in government schools. What they need are good teachers who can teach and improve the lives of their students and their families. When all get good education, there will be equality. This would eventually solve the inequalities of society on the long run. Indian children or willing to learn and wanting to learn and are capable of learning but the conducive environment (good teachers) has to be provided. Eventually poverty will be eradicated by concerted efforts which can be made by literate population, with gainful employment.
As per statistics, there is a 37.2% increase in private school enrolment over base line in 2005. This is same in states of Karnataka, UP, and Rajasthan. In state of Bihar drop outs 13.1 % in 2005 (children of age 6 to 14) as compared to 5.7% in 2008; and 20% have moved on to private schools from public schools.It is hopes and aspirations that parents have that will make India's future bright.  

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