Monday, 22 April 2013

Criminals in city

Commonly, helpless women and children are brutalised by criminals in urban India. Police do not care and refuse to register cases when victims approach them. This is intolerable. Protests are going on in the capital against the government which is doing nothing to improve the police systems. Ineffective socialisation and alienation of individuals have made many into psychologically ill rapists. The law can control this but the police infrastructure is an inefficient system. The media can take a pro-active role, but it just reports. Neighbourhood watch can help but nobody bothers to get involved. May be political √©lite is adding fuel to the flame. People are frustrated and protesting on social issues gives them an outlet to their feelings. The truth is that the government is not working honestly to prevent such crimes. Police does not care for the people; for it cares to please the politicians and takes orders from them. Criminals do not fear law, as they care least for well being of women or children. Women and girl child become victims of criminals as they are weak and cannot defend themselves. Decadent culture has come about ---no institutions which shape our value system work here. It is animal society. How to make it into a human society? It is puzzling how a traditional society like ours has become hostile to the women and the girl children.What would be the future be like without womenfolks?

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