Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fear, anguish and terror shake us up

Bomb blasts which went off today in our IT city, Bangalore.Terror shook us all up. When terror strikes in our cities in guise of bombs in public places, it fills us(citizens) with anguish. Some of our elected elite make this anguish into political capital. Our politicians play the ”blame game” This bomb went off “near the office of this party”, so it is the opposition who planted this. The media would immediately blame on the religious group which propagates terror. This would give direction to the public anger. The true sufferers are the victims who were rushed to the hospital. Their pain would not be heard. Neither media nor the leaders act concerned. Disaster management is poor and victims get medical help late, although medical care was given. Media wants a story and it swung into action. Care for the victim is more important than gathering  news.  This is sad. As this shows how much unorganised, emergency services are. If we want to call ourselves a developed nation, we must care for our citizens. Neither economic power nor military prowess determines our status in the comity of nations; but our care and sympathy for our citizens determines our status. Our spirit is not harmed by violent attacks and we carry on with our daily lives peacefully.

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