Saturday, 27 February 2016

Step to darker times

Riots in Haryana have moved the state back wrecking its record development. With fast industrialization, it was keeping up with the modern world. But the riots have caused much damage. People started burning vehicles(cars, buses, trucks) on the National Highway(Grand Trunk road), looting shops, burning down hotels burning down malls and even started gang-raping. It is completely disgusting. Such are the people of Haryana? Police ignored all this and did not take action against this. And police teams even deny the crimes of rioters. Why? The police themselves are from Haryana and they do not want to take action against their own people.Even villagers deny it and say that it will give bad name to their village. Police are asking the media to show footage of the events there and claim to know nothing of it. All over sides of the roads, in the fields are women's clothes. Destruction of property has brought thousands of crores of Rupees. Loss of lives is sad. And loss of values is shameless. Is this modernization? This is what educated Haryana is like?

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