Monday, 29 February 2016

Dreamy budget is "rural-centric" and not pro-industry

Budget has been presented in the Parliament by Finance Minister. Even it wants to concentrate on rural India, it must make long term plans for speedy industrialization of rural economy. This budget consolidates the present state of affairs. It tries to give small relief to the farmer. Insurance to the farmer against crop failure, good price for his produce and so on. But farmer holdings are extremely small, and efforts must be made to create cooperatives which would merge and create big farms where mechanized farming can take place. Short-sighted plans will land us in big trouble later.
Universal healthcare is an important transformation which the budget is going to bring about, 1.3 lakh Rupees for people, care for the elderly and so on. These will get good votes from the elderly. While industry and corporate are ignored. Where is capital forming? Where will people invest? What is the future course of industry? Retails--100% means fall of the small scale businessman who would buy and sell to make a living.Education and rural employment are not going to boost the economy.
Self-congratulatory vision, that"we are doing better than other nations" is not truth. We are a small part of global economy but we have a huge population and limited resources(money) So we are just surviving and prosperity is too distant. As per global standards, our quality of living is poor.We have growth percentage which is higher than other nations is not relevant as we have a small economy compared to them. We must work hard to catch up with the world.Dreamy budget is setting us back...We must spend more on defense and more on infrastructures

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