Saturday, 17 December 2016

Can demonetization lead to digitization

When it was announced that upto 2.5 lakhs of Rupees can be deposited in each account.. "Jan Dhan" accounts of the poor got 2.5 lakh deposits.. That means that their employers had given then this money to be chagned to new currency. But this was a trap.  What amount of money is being deposited in banks is noted by taxation department. And those with more than their capacity are being questioned.. Along with bio-metric tracking by Aadhar IDs which linked to bank accounts, present government seeks to rule over the lives of Indian people.Using technology government wants to make sure that  all individuals are equally poor(devoid of liquid money) But the common Indians do keep money in form of gold. And the government wants to stop that by raiding people's homes and track gold too. But Indians will find a way to hide that too. So demonetization has been an unsuccessful exercise as controlling people's wealth is indeed impossible. As all humans, Indian seem to want to earn and hoard wealth. Can human nature be changed? No it cannot be no it cannot be.

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