Friday, 24 February 2017

Achievements and failures

India has launched 104 satellites from a single launch pad last week. Indian scientists at ISRO are highly capable and have developed so much sophistication that that they have no parallel. Indian mind in modern era has contributed much to the development of science. This is because education has reached the masses and the potentialities of individuals has been realized. What ever the conditions may be the scientist's achievements have to appreciated. Not just these scientists, Indian engineers all over the world are working hard to make life better for all
It has become a custom to associate India with extreme poverty, over-populated cities, terrible pollution and so on. But the reality that Indian mind is brilliant is not at all publicized. Even if it is not know or popularized, Indians are fine scientists, engineers, doctors teachers and excel in all professions. Urban India did very well.
Rural India is not doing well. Not enough schools for the common person. Rural employment schemes like MGNREGA are failures.  While given chance of good school, Indians achieve great deal, nation's development scheme like the MGNREGA have failed to a great extent. Infrastructure created like roads and wells are not good enough to be used. There are leakages because of which the poor are not benefiting from the schemes. Industrialization of farms has not taken place. Thanks to the climate, enough crops are produced to support the population of India. And many agricultural products are exported too

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