Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Do people have contentment?

People’s rights are sacrificed as India industrialises. Tribal people who live in the forests of India (where minerals are found) are not aware of their rights and this needs urgent attention of the government. Unfortunately, government itself encourages corporate units to mine in these areas. And the people’s rights to livelihood are affected. How do these people live? They use the honey found in forests, they farm by ‘slash and burn’ method of cultivation, gather fruits and use firewood from forests to cook. If they are driven from their homes (forests) they have nowhere to live. What happens to the forest people? These people move to urban centres and provide cheap labour. There are many corporate units who have become rich by robbing the local people (steel plants, bauxite plants, aluminium plants, coal mining etc).

As labour force people are exploited to the fullest extent. Auto industries flourish by exploiting the “casual labour” which is cheaply available in India. The workers are bonded slaves (like prisoners) in a factory where they develop aliments due to strict orders not to move out of their position in the assembly line. Industrialisation brings comforts to masses everywhere in the world except in India. Here industrialisation has brought fullest exploitation of the people.People have miserable lives.

  To add fuel to flame, the police and the army also terrorise the weak and poor people. Anyone can be framed as a terrorist and detained for long time while tortured in jails; cases come years after wards in court. There are prolonged investigation procedures and out dated laws which make sure people do not get justice.

Dominant classes and dominant castes rule over the weak people. The minorities and the “under-class” feel insecure and have an uncertain future. The right to equality can never be realised; some are always kept suppressed. Their rights remain in paper and cannot become reality. So much needs to be done. Within few hours of session, elected politicians cannot visualise the immense number of problems of the people. The gravity of problems of people needs much much more time. We need better governance very badly; we have all resources and we cannot provide for basic needs of the people.We need  longer time for the representatives of the people to understand our problems.

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