Sunday, 3 February 2013

Euro-centric Forum

Meeting at Davos reveals that there is renewed attempt by European nations to conquer the world all over again. Leaders of the European nations ask why population of India is more than all the countries of Europe put together.They cannot affect population of India in any way. But they  feel that they are threatened by this.They feel that they cannot preserve their "culture gene"due to this.
How is population of India affecting them? We are not asking for anything from them. We have policies to deal with our problems ourselves.We have achieved bumper crops, we are providing for the poor through social security schemes, we provide medicine for our poor and we are a self sufficient economy,
The policies of the forum are Euro-centric, so instead of calling themselves World Economic Forum, they can be called European Economic Forum.Domination of world especially the third world countries is primary in the mind-set of such forums.
They reflect the fact that there is a long way to go before we really have a peaceful community of nations.Frequent words for addressing themselves are "fellow Anglo-Saxons". This is outrageous. We thought we are fellow humans.They are not united for common good. They are united for more sophisticated domination of the world. It is crisis that is uniting them. Economic downtrend has given them no alternatives but to unite against the developing world. Self interest is against humanity.The truth is that they are keenly looking for resources. They are looking for new ways to exploit the unwary, weak countries. We, Indians are too intelligent to be made slaves all over again. Demographic problem in Asia is of no concern to them, why are these issues on population brought up in a forum? At all times attention is on Europe's crisis and not world which is in crisis?
Another phrase frequently used is "our resources are between our ears" That means that they have intelligent brains.So these people are trying hard to think how to exploit the resources of Asia? We also have intelligent brains! Europe is not the world, they must know that.

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