Monday, 18 February 2013

Hurdles to progress--Bureacracy

Indian bureaucracy is the major obstruction in India’s progress. Farmers always work hard and have produced bumper crops. And our agricultural ministry and its authoritarian officers do not have proper plans to deal with the storage of food grains. Labourers work hard and make infrastructures in India, and toll highways are not used well. Workers in Indian industries are hard working but the government officers who have to provide them with employment opportunities do not take required efforts. Many mining towns are out of business.What government officers know is ----how to calculate their own income and emoluments, how to make plans to avoid tax, and how to make use of government concessions to travel; basically how to enjoy the perks of their government jobs. Progress of the people and the country is of no concern to them--that is they do not care.
If there is a reason to give reply to their activities or lack of activities, they hire an adviser or a consultant to make a letter explaining how their office does not have the power to do the needful. They make their advisers a credible explanation to their laziness in handling office duties. If they had to answer a questionnaire from higher officer, they would tell the adviser to answer that too. 
They are highly indecisive lot. They would go on postponing making decision. They are capable of "book-keeping" or archiving. All correspondences and data can be archived by computers. With emails, all correspondences can be sent fast and answered fast. That would not be done by governments officers, as procrastinating is their favourite activity.
Mandatory activities of the officers should be monitored constantly and their duties must be delineated. Otherwise the entire bureaucracy would spoil the government's functioning and bring the country to a standstill. There is need for structured reforms and government officers' activities must be updated constantly. Officers must be re-trained to work with computers; and eventually parts of bureaucracy must be "phased out". There is no need to support a huge inefficient bureaucracy. Such a useless ineffective bureaucracy is a drag on the growth of the nation.
Levels of hierarchy at office is strictly observed. They know how to shout at their inferior ranking staff, and snubbing any suggestions. Army like environment is observed in dealing with the lower ranking staff.  Insult and hatred are inculcated among the lower level staff, making the office atmosphere intolerably painful for lower staff. Officers are very good in mistreating supporting staff--as  treating lower staff badly is their specialisation. Even slaves would be treated better.  Dominant rude behaviour hampers office activities. There are ego clashes, which lead to verbal fights.Using rough words in office must be forbidden. Indians have a trait---they do not perform well in groups.Full stop. 
Through computerisation of office activities like 'file transfer management systems' and 'office automation procedures, slown processes can be checked. There should be strict vigilance of roles played by government officers. Are they working? If so how many files have they processed; what is the quantity and quality of their work? When found that they do not do much, they government can give alternate activities like teaching. India still has multitudes of illiterate people and teachers are urgently needed, inept government officers can make people literate.
The government’s bureaucracy is a huge national waste. All the salaries paid to them is valuable money that has been lost down the drain. Human effort has to be channelised in an effective way for a nation to grow. National wealth is squandered by a huge inefficient bureaucracy. This must be stopped; only then India will progress and have a good future.

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