Friday, 4 March 2016

Aftermath of riots

Malls have been burnt down. Now there is no place to go and relax. Gyms are reduced to dust. Where will the youngsters meet and share ideas?State run buses have been burnt down, no public transport for the people. Hospitals have been burnt down, where will the sick go?Politicians tried to visit the home of ordinary citizens in riot hit towns, and people shut their gates and slammed their doors and told him to leave them alone. These protests are politically motivated. Ordinary public did not know how to shut down water supply to Delhi. This classified information was provided to the rioters by politicians themselves. Riots went on even after the negotiations were over, because the "damage ordered" (by Politicians) was not complete yet. So that is how the developed towns were ruined to ashes. All this could have been avoided because the protests were announced ahead of time. As the rioters got to the venue, police could have reached there ahead of them. Teargas and water guns would have been sufficient. Fire brigade could have been kept by-standing as this was planned by the people .....And now people have turned against the erring politicians who had created the riots using the unsteady young population's minds.

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