Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Aadhaar Bill has been passed

Unique identity of an individual, bio-metric data(finger prints, and eye's iris photographs) are used to give an "Aadhaar number"(ten digits) The eye patterns are unique and can identify an individual. Such documentation violated the constitutional right to liberty (which includes privacy)Aadhaar Bill which was previously defeated in the Rajya Sabba(Upper House) was passed again successfully in Lok Sabba(Lower House).And the amendments made by opposition were not passed. It was disguised as "money bill" by the finance minister.Rajya Sabba, and others parties absented themselves as they did not adhere to the passing of the bill. Only 140 minsters of parliament voted.So it was passed by unfair means.It is now said that Aadhar can be made mandatory if a person wants to avail subsidiaries given by the government. Since public interest and safety is more important than individual, it is ok to compromise on individual rights to privacy. Clever moves of the finance minster will be checked, sooner or later. Supreme court does not approve such documentation of the citizens 

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