Sunday, 27 March 2016

Many states are going to the polls, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal Kerala and so on

Each politician is trying to make coalitions to win election.But only to win, after winning teams breakup and people's problems are never looked into.Problems in India are economical and which ever party gets elected, the plight of the people will be same. Elections is the way to tell the people that there is hope. But is there hope?Each political party looks after its own self-interest. How to get power and how to secure power for next election and how to ruin reputation of other parties. It is sad to see the same sort of elections all over again. There are few paths for the people to survive. Since government does not give any benefits to the unemployed, they have to fend for themselves.
Electioneering is a big wast of resources. The whole phenomena takes much efforts and much expenditures. The resources spent on electioneering could be used to uplift people. All these years dynastic control of the Congress party meant that people were kept poor. Why? So that they have fixed vote banks. Cunning political policies of the congress party has meant impoverishment of the people. There must be a way to overthrow dynastic control of politics.

Self help is best help. Whatever government does is not helping the people. People have to help themselves. Now rickshaws (like the one in picture) are driven by rural persons who have migrated to city. The cost of the vehicle is low( and it does not need a licence. Running cost is low too. Profits are high as six persons can be accommodated in it. And one can buy with a small loan, and recover the costs very soon.

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