Friday, 2 November 2012

For empowering workers

While construction activity is ever growing, the actual persons carrying out the work are neglected. To make the lives of these people better, laws are going to be made. Our Cabinet approved Amendment to Building and other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act,1996 and Building and other Construction Workers' Welfare Cess Act,1996. To be made into law on the coming session,another new legislation was made to improve the lot of the workers. And that is Building and Construction Workers Related Laws Bill 2012.
Poor uneducated workers incessantly work in construction sites, they have no identity, no home and no place to rest. For meagre sum of money for every day expenditures of food, they do hard work. Sometimes thugs and thieves steal their wages, they have no homes and are helpless. To help them laws are being made. These amendments will greatly help in the process of registration of the construction workers. State Welfare Boards will keep their wages safely and give when they need. The provisions will allow the government to specify the cost of construction by fixed notifications and establish limits. Previously, construction worker was registered for work for ninety days only. After ninety days, new registration should be made, and the worker may not get hired again. He was working under fear that he would not get work after the ninety days. Now the worker will get extended benefits. Previously, after the age of sixty, workers were not allowed to work. Now that rule is gone, worker can work as long as he/she wants. Within thirty days cess collecting authorities have to deposit cess to the Welfare board. A committee should be constituted consisting of Labour Secretary, Finance secretary, Planning Secretary, and a Social Welfare Secretary till a board is formally constituted. These rules will make the life of the worker better.Even if these measures are taken, the fact remains that the construction worker sheds his sweat and severely strains his muscles to make buildings, bridges, roads and highways. Whenever we see these magnificent structures, we think of all the labour that went into it. Does he get to use these buildings, bridges? No, he goes on making new ones till his very is too distressing 

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