Friday, 30 November 2012

What will be, will be

If we do not care for the future of the nation, if we waste time in Parliament, then what will happen? Future Indians will suffer, we would remain a nation caught in the vicious cycle of poverty. Our natural resources would be lost. The Indian mainland would become a desert, when all water from the water table would dry up. Conservation of natural resources is not in our mind. The Glaciers which melt and provide water to our rivers would have completely dried up.
If we are not dedicated workers and we continue wasting time, future will not be bright for the nation.We do not need any astrologer to tell us what will the future be like, we can see for ourselves.
Whether we like or not, world has changed and we have to change with it. If Internet has come into being and has given the whole world freedom to express, we cannot stop it. March of civilisation will go on, no matter what.
We must learn that we have to give people freedom to communicate. Let us communicate with our people and know their problems ourselves. Let us use the Internet to reach out to our people.
Whenever a 'right' is given, we try to find a way to curb it, so that people cannot enjoy freedom. Why are we so narrow minded?We must learn to "think big"

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