Monday, 5 November 2012

What is going to happen?

Government is concerned with the problems of the rich and the poor are always ignored. There is awareness that government policies favour the aristocratic industrialists and are essentially “anti-people” But what can we do anything about it? We can wait till the elections which will come in two years to change the government by voting for the other party. But when the whole political class is incompetent in dealing with problems of the people and is so selfish that it grabs our national wealth, there is nothing much we can do.
There are innovators who offer solutions to meet needs of the people in sectors like health, education, water, food security and energy. But these are just eyewash. The real need of the people is economic betterment so that people can have better health, so that they can have a good education, so that they have enough food, so that they can afford electricity. And the economy is in the hands of the rich aristocrats who have made deals with the political class. Investors and rich entrepreneurs are encouraged and policies are made for them.Policies are made for the betterment of the rich class. But publicity is given as if the poor are being helped, but they are only exploited. Even the press writes what the rich want.
Social security schemes do not work. The health benefits offered by the government does not reach the people. The political class sees India like an outsider. Only the open poverty of the very very poor in the streets is visible to them. There is more poverty...which is hidden.. People are educated and unemployed, how can they support their families, how can they support themselves. How can they buy food, clothes or pay rent for a small room to stay? When whole populations are suffering like this, only the very very poor are given benefits by the "outsider" government.People are having an admirable culture and good educational qualifications; but they have an empty bank balance, this is true poverty...wasted minds...
Good schools and colleges are attended by only those who can afford high fees. Highly educated are the rich. But they do not care for the ordinary poor people.These so called educated cannot see the real problems of the people.Who knows what can be done for our country?Who cares?
So what is going to happen? Young people will create very big protests in the future. They will ask for their rights and ask for job opportunities which the government will not be able to offer. Then government will change and try meet the needs of the people. Till then it would be a rocky in India....

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