Friday, 7 December 2012

FDI has won

In the Upper house(Rajya Sabha) Foreign Direct Investment policy in retail has been cleared. 123 Ministers voted for FDI while 109 had voted against it. This would change many many lives. Small traders will suffer as they cannot keep up with big retail shops. Small artisans, shoe makers, tailors, carpenters cannot compete with mass produced articles produced by industries. All this had happened long ago in developed countries where industrialization had come long ago. So it is happening here too, except the people are too poor to survive on their own along with industrial giants. However good our social schemes for the poor may be we cannot help all the suffering citizens.
This land has seen many rulers who had harmed the hard working people.It is going on again and again. People are meek willing workers who know how to obey the rulers.They do not know how to think for themselves and decide accordingly.
Future of these people will be decided by the policies of their government. Ruthless game that politicians play seals our futures....let us see how events workout..if intelligent Indians make effective choices, in selection of rulers we will have bright future.

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