Wednesday, 5 December 2012

FDI voting jumbled

Today 'FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) in retail" issue was voted on in the 'Lok Sabha'(Lower House). And government's measure for 50% investment in FDI will stand and not be changed. The entire process of voting in Parliament was so jumbled up that it was unbelievable that it was passed. When two important parties had staged a "walk out" while voting was held in the Parliament. Even with fewer elected people voting for it, the issue got majority.Our elected elite are a divisive lot. Due to casual attitude, there were elected leaders who had absented themselves on this crucial voting event. There was also bargaining done by a  Parliamentarian, who had said that if policy of "reservation on promotions" was favored  she would vote on FDI. How can one bargain supporting an issue while wanting support on another issue?Those who were absent on the day of voting, have actually affected it in a big way. Those who had made big speeches against FDI should be committed to their views.While voting they were not supporting their ideas.
Of course this voting process is not final; for 30 days, it would be on the table for reconsideration. And how it is going to be treated in the 'Rajya Sabha'(Upper House of Parliament) remains to be seen. How had we elected such unruly bunch of Parliamentarians? The incongruous working of their minds  has resulted in the voting process becoming unsuccessful. Personal rivalries resulted in walkouts and even changing sides.
They do not think about the plight of the small businessmen/traders. The simple people will be most affected by this decision.What would be the future like? The land of the small farmer would be bought easily by big retail giants. We would be buying our things from big supermarkets who would be making huge profits. The few workers employed would be exploited to the fullest. Big profits would be made by the foreign retailers and resources would leave our lands, making us more impoverished than ever before.Is this what we want?Lets see, if it is passed in the 'Rajya Sabha'.

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