Wednesday, 26 December 2012

India--Among Asian Countries

Even with several internal problems of its own, India has very good relations with its neighbours.Countries like Nepal, feel very close to India. We have implemented many developmental projects there. We have helped them modernize their government too.Countries like Bhutan also feel very happy that India helps them in every way to modernize and bring e- governance in their lands. Bangladesh feels India is helps them in every way possible.Now ASEAN (Southeast Asian)countries have made us feel important by showing how deeply India is involved with them-- we share history religion and culture. Our craftsmen had created splendid temples with intricate architecture in their lands. Their religion came from India(Buddhism). They feel deeply connected to us. They want to continue having warm cordial relationships with us. We maintain good relations and we realise that we need to make a partnership for peace.We have big plans for making a super trading bloc by encouraging trade and commerce. We share solidarity as we have one vision--growth of Asia. We have signed ASEAN Human Rights Declaration. We tried settling of debate over territorial issue in South China Sea.We are not dominant or exploitative, we are always kind and helpful.We are liked, admired and appreciated everywhere in Asia.

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