Sunday, 23 December 2012

Unstoppable protests of citizens

Few days back the crime of gang rape was committed on a bus in New Delhi. This was magnified by newspapers/tv media and it has infuriated the educated people of New Delhi. They had protested every day for the last six days, and they have been continuously protesting. Today over 250000 people came out to protest.They want the government to respond to them. Even without a leader, they arrive in the cold Winter days and protesting in front of the President's house. Police tried to stop the building of mob by teargas,water cannons and by lathi charge(beating) When nothing worked, they physically removed the people and placed them in buses and moved them to remote parts of New Delhi.Section 144 was imposed in Delhi, in order to stop protests.People are upset because of the causal way of the police in finding the culprits. People are determined to get the accused maximum punishment. At present, it is 7 years imprisonment for rape. But people want life term or capital punishment.The accused hire best lawyers and get away easily, people want more stringent punishment. Can punishment stop this crime?
All of a sudden, the young educated people of Delhi, can see the cruelty and the meanness of patriarchal culture that rest of India is caught in. This issue has brought into light the reality of medieval mindsets. What motivates these people to indulge in gang rape? If individuals are committing this crime, we can trace their psychological background for it; but when several men are involved, we cannot see it in psychological perspective, it has to be studied as a sociological phenomena. Weak people are victimised instead of being protected like women, girl children and economically poor/weak individuals.Male domination, group psyche--like enjoying common game;all those committing it, see it as a sport.So men do not "think" while engaging in a common cruel sport? "Khap-panchyats" dictate that women should be married away early, so that this does not happen. Even minsters of Parliament who are elected from rural India recommend this as a solution.All this reflects their backward mindsets, many part of India are inhabited by these people with ancient mindsets.Only on few rapes are reported, it brings "shame " to the women. Why? Ordinary women residing in Delhi are scared, crime can happen anywhere around them, and police do not help them. There is lack of faith in Police.
To cope with this crime, drivers and conductors of buses must be sensitised to deal with the women passengers who need protection.Policemen/policewomen should become worthy of trust. So that women will approach them when they have this problem. Police must behave in a compassionate manner towards victims.Registration of these cases must be made quickly, before evidence is lost.Fast-track courts must be made, so that these cases are dealt with immediately.
When there is no seriousness on the part of the police machinery and when the courts take much time, there is no deterrent. And hence increase in rape cases.Of the registered cases only 26% of cases are convicted.Most rape cases are not reported More than 600 rape cases have been reported in Delhi this year.NCRB(National Crime Records Bureau) says that 90% of rape cases take place among known people. In a big city with anonymous citizenry, statistics cannot explain everything. The truth is gender crimes are alarmingly high, as economic pressures weigh on the individuals here.
People who are educated have become aware that they live in an insecure city, and are seeking assurance from their rulers. They should be allowed to protest.If we are a true democracy, we have a right to protest. If that is taken away, then we are making a mockery of democracy.

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