Monday, 10 December 2012

Potentialties of Industrialization in India

By initiating many economic reforms, government is creating a favourable atmosphere for industrial growth. Our industries are encouraged to engage in international cooperation and this enhances our potentialities greatly. Government is giving incentives for developing new technologies and makes it available at lowest price. For example Internet connectivity is available at lowest costs. Mobile communication is extremely cheap. Electrification of India has taken place in a grand scale. We can be seen from space...electrified cities and industries etc.We are open to global public for business propositions.
Potentialities for development of industries in India are extremely high. Government cannot bring about all industries by itself, so it is constantly seeking ways to find others who will help in bringing about industrialisation here. We have a disciplined population.Labour force is abundant, professional, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled.Government is easing private companies which will grow well in India. All that we need is foreign investments which will bring together the labour force with the plentiful resources of the land. Take any important mineral--India is blessed in abundance. 188 billion tonnes of coal is available, this reserve can last for more than hundred years. Copper is plentiful. Iron is plentiful. There is lot of fertile lands which can be farmed effectively as the climate is warm all year round. And where there are no agricultural fields, minerals are bountiful.We just need a government which would take better initiatives instead of outsourcing responsibilities to foreign firms. We need a government which would care for its people. Young people will vote correctly in the future and elect such a government. India is a approaching a golden age---we have all the ingredients for a very bright future, as bright as the city lights seen in the night sky.

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