Friday, 7 June 2013

Achievements of Special Economic Zones

Big achievements of new projects in India are never shown only flopped projects are projected or exaggerated. In 2006-7 a value of 34787 crores of Rupees worth exports were made by Special Economic Zones. In 2012-13, 118321 crores worth exports were made by Special Economic Zones. And this is a very big achievement, at a time when world economy is not doing well. There are a total of 587 Special Economic Zones all over India. In some of the states, there are more than others. Like in Andhra Pradesh State there are 110 approved Special Economic Zones and Karnataka State has 61 Zones. While Gujarat state has only 47 Zones, it has highest amount of investments, as industrial production is highest here. In states like Tamil Nadu, there are largest number of factories; that is they are taking the greatest efforts to improve themselves. If these kinds of industrial growth takes place while giving the labour force its due share, then we would have a great future. But the labour problems which are faced in these zones would not be told to many persons had worked with least many had become ill...and how many perished....there are no statistics on that.....

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