Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Education –most important for us

Only 4% of GDP is spent on education, but it is held as central part of life by all Indians. All aspire to become professionals and earn as many degrees as possible to get good jobs. But with large part of population being students, expecting jobs for all seems impossible. So what will be future be like when all are educated but jobs are too few? People will work for small incomes, and there will be protests. Can we really give them all jobs? We cannot promise them the moon.  Proliferation of educational institutions and the deep desire by all Indians to educate their children has created the present situation. There are 33000 colleges and 650 large educational institutions in India. There is a problem in this, when we offer education for such large masses, the quality of education suffers. Many graduates have learnt their subjects by memorizing answers. If an answer required the student to think analytically, they cannot reply. At cognitive level they have really not learnt anything. Functional literacy is questioned now. So we spend more and more on education, larger percentage of the GDP. But input in money does not result in output in quality. Quality of the education is erased when quantity of graduates increase. The input should stress on quality of education, like improving qualifications of teachers, better teaching methods, and better testing methods. And most of all more moral commitment to impart skills is needed. If we do not address this problem now, we may have a demographic nightmare than a demographic dividend. When we cannot offer good jobs for good education, the purpose of imparting skills is defeated. When will we use these skills?When lawyers do not have cases, what good is their knowledge of laws? When architects do not have jobs how they can design buildings? When technicians cannot get employment what is the purpose of education? Providing jobs is the duty of a responsible government. When we do not have that, then what? Goddess of Wisdom must show us the way now.

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