Saturday, 8 June 2013

True measure of growth-greater use of electicity

When there is greater and greater demand for electricity, we know that more and more progress has been made. Use of electricity is an indicator for progress. When there is bigger and bigger demand for electricity, our power generation has tries to keep up with it. Total generation of power during May 2013 has been 161.81 billion units and this is 104% more that last May. When higher targets re set, we are able to keep up with the rising demand. This is a sure indicator of progress. There are different ways by which we make power. Hydro generation by dams has increased by 97%, nuclear generation has increased by 90% and thermal generation has increased by 102%. Many went for wind power using huge turbines. We are also not counting the innumerable villages which went for solar power. When remote areas do not get power supply, how will they go on complaining, they choose the option of electricity from the sun. This is also a measure of progress. Independent innovative energy solutions  like solar power is the answer to our needs; by going for solar power, we need not wait for central or state government to make a facility for electric connection for us. But solar is not within the reach of the common people, only rich can afford it.

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