Saturday, 15 June 2013

Inventive mind

An inventive mind is a balanced mind. Because of good value sets among Indians, they have emotional stability. Indians also experience a great sense of  security and moral confidence---that what they are doing is the right thing to do. So they perform their duties in the right spirit. The holy book, 'Gita" teaches them to perform their duty (work) and not think of the benefits. They do not experience pressure of work. A peaceful mind can think methodically. Their mind is free to invent and create new ideas. Indians have exceptionally creative minds; and there is beauty in what ever art they take up. They can new kinds of music with ease. If offered a new technology, they adapt very very fast. They have faith in one's cultural ethos that gives them immense mental energy. Vibrant Indian culture motivates its people in all fields and in all professions. They excel in what ever they do. For example they invent new kinds of electronic pen drives, and new utilitarian electronic circuits. They find new uses for technology too. The use of  mobile phones has become common with all. Internet is widely accessed. Audio-visual media is used as form of entertainment. And all Indians are politically conscious people, extremely concerned about the state of the nation. They will find a way to solve the problems faced by nation today. As corruption touches highest peaks, we can see that the political elite can get exposed because of modern methods of investigations. Political class engaged in corruption touch the lowest levels of conduct and this troubles the people. Leaders of mining Mafia are our political leaders themselves. And we know how to find out who did what--hidden cameras in mobiles can capture how bribe is taken; and mobile telephone calls can be tracked.. It is the way by which we find solutions to our problems that sets us apart from other citizens of the world. However big the problem may be, there will be a sure way out. We have great faith that Indians will solve their problems themselves as they have highest level of intelligence. Even without military might or sound economy, Indian people have inner strength and a beautiful mind. So will be successful always. These are the most admirable traits amongst people.

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