Thursday, 2 May 2013

Agricultural India

53% of our workforce is in agricultural sector. Farmers have become rural labourers as they have become most impoverished lot. They had sold their lands and are working for wages as agricultural labour force. This is not a good trend because future depends on good agricultural profits. Since resources from the earth are limited, mining exhausts all that is buried and leaves the land barren. Manufacturing can yield results till there is demand for its products; and it will end soon.But agricultural sector should give good results year after year as Indian soil is good and climate is conducive to agriculture.We can produce cotton, pulses, cereals, rubber, tea, fruits or vegetables whichever is more profitable.Even then, more rural folks have become wage earners working in another person's farm.There are 144.3 agricultural labourers now which is 37.5 million more than ten years ago. Why? Farming is uncertain. Only the rich farmers with big holdings can invest more and also face uncertainties of the occupation.During last few centuries, land holdings were divided among the sons, so the land became fragmented.If we are able to help the marginal farmer make profits, we may help him become self-employed. Can we do that? The younger generation of rural India does not want to farm, it wants to move to urban India as the glittering cities appear more attractive. But urban India depends on wealth generated by rural India. What are the masses of unskilled labourers going to do in future India?

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