Thursday, 9 May 2013

All lives are valuable

People think that there is justice in ‘tit for tat’ killing. Another man in jail was killed. This time, the killing took place in Indian prison and the prisoner was from a neighbouring country (in which our citizen was killed in their jail). Convicts should be kept in single chambers.Prisoners cannot take foreign policy in their hands and start killing. Diplomats handle potential hostility in a proper manner. Citizens cannot take to killing to express hostility. We have failed to protect the foreign prisoner. If foreign citizens are jailed here, their cases must be disposed quickly. When we slow down, we are taking risks. The competence or rather the incompetence of the judicial system delays justice.  Sometimes the arrested persons are innocent but would have undergone a long jail term before their case comes up. This is affecting our foreign relations also. So we better reform our courts to give us speedy justice. Newspapers also inflame citizens’ feeling motivating them to taking drastic steps. Readers of newspapers should be educated enough  "not to be motivated" by hatred.Crime of killing or manslaughter affects the killer and the killed only. But now it has fuelled tension among two countries who are trying hard to make peace for mutual survival. It is at this point we realise that education is most important for all citizens; especially the criminals. Educated person would not kill for ‘tit for tat’revenge.Hatred harms both the victim and the perpetrator.All lives are valuable, even that of a jailed person.

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