Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hurdles in modernisation

As we modernize, so many hurdles arise.  We are rich in mineral resources, we have vast lands, we have a long coastline, we have rich human resources and yet we are too slow to modernize  We just cannot put two and two together and develop ourselves. Why? Politics of policy making is burdened by huge bureaucratic hurdles. So even if we know how to modernize we cannot make it into reality as governance at the centre slows us down. Since all modernization for industrialization  has to be funded by the government and regulated by the government. Entire process is very very slow.In addition to that there is lot of political manoeuvring as political party want a gain from it. And it places tactical hurdles which are hidden (to make economic gain out of it). Sometimes political "blame game" takes place when one party places charges on another for making illicit profits out of implementation of a policy. We can uncover scientific mysteries but Indian political mysteries are too deep to measure. Corporates exert their force on politicians. Politicians have tactics to entice the public into believing their opinions. Public is too innocent to believe in stories of politicians. So how can scientific and logical modernization take place when there are so many many hurdles. Unless we can persuade the people into pressurizing their leaders into quick modernization policies. But people are not intelligent enough for that.We must make people intelligent. We must use media(TV) and the Internet to shape public opinion. Land acquisition bill would harm the poor citizens, so it would not be passed before election. After elections, corporates will give bribes which politicians will take;and politicians will make policy for quick acquisition of land.May it be policy on land acquisition or may it be bill on food security, or may it be research policy on genetically modified foods, politicians do not do what is good for the people, but only what benefit it would fetch them. And so the country suffers....

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