Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Election results are out--coming of new leadership

People of the state of Karnataka went to polls and had selected candidates who will not become corrupt. They want modern way to address their problems themselves. They got rid of “iron ore” barons who wanted greater political control. People want to get rid of the barons and they want better administration. And there is high probability of better administration as they have a dedicated team of administrative officers. They made sure that the building of the Metro rail was not delayed due to clearances. The infrastructure making was held as the most important task needed for the state’s progress. It was made sure that the thousand kilometre pipe line for gas was completed in record time; it was funded by the World Bank and had needed over 400 clearances. The young voters knew that there is need for citizen-centric services using mobile communications, and they had voted for new party which can deliver this. Mobile governance is coming up fast here,people want fast access to information. The main city, Bangalore is held as the "IT city" and it invites foreign investments greatly; it hosts global meet of IT companies. More such meets will encourage its greater growth. Such modernism does not mean that agriculture would be ignored. Agriculture for arid zone is taken up at the International Crop Research Institute for Semi-arid Tropics; it has made a 6% increase in agricultural production in the state this year. Here research is done live and it brings benefit to the farmers. It’s an ideal state whose people are going to make it more and more prosperous.A progressive era for progressive people.   

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