Friday, 3 May 2013

Lost people

If an Indian is hurt or killed outside India, it causes anguish in our hearts. “Why did this happen” is the question we keep asking ourselves. Our leadership is not strong enough to hold us together when our sentiments are hurt. In International scene our leaders did not show strength to save the Indian lives lost outside our soil. The leaders were always busy fighting with each other and stalling effective policy making. We are a bunch of states struggling to become a nation without proper national leaders. The different regions and states in India have their own local problems and they have different kinds of relationships with the centre (government). There is no single identity which holds them together except the common history of foreign rule(British) To make a seemingly single nation, commonalities are evolved—the issue of malnutrition among “Indian” children or issue of security for the “Indian” women. And such “ideas” are written about to evolve an identity as a “nation” Similarly, when there is problem of terrorists exploding bomb in the Indian cities, it is labelled as a “threat from outside” India. This is to evolve a “unity” in times of distress. This is so that the Indian “psyche” is told to look away from the true fragmentary nature of the real political India. The kindling of hatred for a common enemy is another way meant to evolve the mythical “Indian identity”.  If the Indian leaders believe in the Indian identity, what did they do to save Indian lives which were threatened by a foreign government?The feelings of Indian identity crumbles when our leaders fail to negotiate with a foreign country where an Indian soul was killed in a jail. Leaders would probably place floral wreaths to symbolically show their grief, but it shows their ineptitude to save the souls of all those lost Indians.Oh God save our souls.

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