Sunday, 19 May 2013

Too small amount as pension

What the workers are asking for one thousand Rupees which is too small amount of Universal Social security coverage and assured pension for whole population. Leaders of the trade unions and government officials decided upon issues in four different groups. First was on service conditions wages and social security. Second was on universal social security for workers and for those who are self employed. Third was on laws for small and medium enterprises. And the fourth was on improving chances of employment and employability. To extend social security to all workers would be very difficult. So many informally employed like daily wage earner, domestic maids and health care workers(without education) do not fit into any sector. How can these get basic amenities or suitable working place or the right to organise or make collective bargaining of wages? Not only there are differences in urban sectors and rural sectors, in rural areas there is “off-farm” workers like chain stores. Labour Market Information System informs all that there is need for skill development and there is need for matching skill with employment. Skill development is most important as per National Skill Qualification Framework. Unorganised sector uses unskilled labour force, but they need skills for integration into organised sector. So training persons in specific skills is important;because migrant labour, female workers and child labourers become a large section of the unorganised sector Right now the labour unions are asking for a mere one thousand rupees as pension, and this is a paltry amount;how can a worker get food and medicines for such a small amount of money when food prices have risen steeply.What amenities can he afford? What kind of dwelling a poor person drawing a pension of one thousand rupees afford? May be a hut.Our working poor deserve better than this.

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