Friday, 31 May 2013

Long Live Workers

Indian workers living all over the world are the most praiseworthy. They are extremely hardworking sincere and dedicated people.While pursuing their livelihoods,they migrate to even the most inhospitable terrains. Indian workers are  seeking jobs outside India as there are very few jobs available in India. When they leave the Indian soil, they leave behind their fond memories of school life and college life, they leave behind their culture and their way of life, they leave behind their kith and kin. With these losses, they go seeking livelihoods in foreign lands.When they are met by trying circumstances(discrimination, low wages,bad working environment),  when they have to live a life of drudgery, we feel unhappy for them. We have deepest regards for their perseverance and sincerity to their professions. There are also countries which treat Indians well and respect them.Even at these tough  times we try to have good relationships with all foreign countries, because we want our people to be treated well. They have left their homeland in pursuit of worthy employment, may they have joyous lives.Internet has helped to keep communications with them; they are able to keep in touch with our culture as our many newspapers and magazines are published 'online'. They keep their Indian identity in a virtual world they create for themselves in the www. We wish them well in their pursuits of happiness.   

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