Thursday, 16 May 2013

The future of the land that is India

Wealth of the nation cannot be judged by its GDP. Inflation or recession cannot describe people's plight. No demographic statistics reflect the true migrations of working poor.Capital is not amount of money but how many people are lost by cruel crunch of the economy. People dying of hunger in remote areas, people working as labourers in construction sites, people working as servants are actually being squeezed to death. This fact cannot be accounted by any GDP. No policies made can improve their lives. If we are a true democracy, their lives would not be wasted away. They had no say in economic policies we had made,they had no say in political making of the country, but they are the real citizens of this country. If our policy to acquire lands deprives the people of their livelihoods, we are actually making policies against our people. If we make policies to alter the inflation rates and allow the cost of food items to rise beyond the buying capacity of the people, we are murdering the people of the Indian nation. Because buying food is beyond their capacity, and without food they would die. If we make policies to protect livelihood of the people, and make sure it is implemented properly, there will be a good future for the Indian people. If we allow proliferation of industries which pollute the environment, we are ruining the ecosystem of India. The land, the rivers and the air which are the elements which support life cannot be purified easily. And our resources would be lost for ever and ever.So "to be" or "not to be" is entirely up to us. To protect or to exploit is up to us... 

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